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Customizable Training for Tourism Organizations

Support all of your organization members through an eLearningU Enterprise Partnership that provides them with unlimited access to the best digital marketing training in the tourism industry.
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eLearningU Enterprise Partnerships help organizations achieve the goals they set for themselves and their regions by providing their stakeholders with the knowledge and tools necessary to create first-class digital marketing strategies that attract visitors to their businesses and the region.
We understand that individual organizations and regions face different challenges and have different needs. That's why we create a custom-tailored experience for each organization to best support their members. We take our role as a partner seriously.

Who is an eLearningU Enterprise Partnership for?

In addition to regional tourism and Destination Marketing Organizations, any group of people who have a stake in the success of a business or a region will benefit from an eLearningU partnership, including:

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What's included?

Each member of an organization or group gets access to our Tourism Digital Marketing Course, our growing on-demand Lesson Library, weekly lessons, and a wide variety of valuable and useful resources.

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A few of our Partners

"We have been working with eLearningU to deliver digital education to our tourism sector clients. Not only is the eLearningU platform functional, accessible and user-friendly - but the team has also made the experience seamless and personalized."
"I highly recommend the Tourism Digital Marketing Course from eLearningU. The course is very specific to the tourism industry, making it more effective and valuable than a general overview of digital marketing tactics. It’s relevant and relatable for any business in the tourism industry and you’ll end up with a digital plan that makes sense for your specific business that’s attainable and impactful.

Custom Packages

All eLearningU Enterprise partnership packages include a custom partner page and real-time access to reporting. Packages are also available with a personalized Welcome video, live onboarding webinar, launch plan, and a live speaking engagement.

Options to further customize the learning experience include custom URL, dashboard design, login setup, custom lessons about regional topics, live lessons, interactive assignments, and more.
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