This Week in Digital — February 27, 2024

Stay up to date with the latest digital news from eLearningU Lead Instructor and President, Conner Galway.

This Week in Digital is a quick (we try our best to keep it between 5-10 minutes) weekly video breakdown of current digital marketing news through the lens of how it affects the tourism industry.

Meet your host

Conner Galway

President, eLearningU; Junction Consulting
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Conner is the founder of Junction, an award-winning digital consulting firm based out of Vancouver. Since 2010 they’ve been helping companies to embrace digital as an essential part of their business, working with brands like Destination BC, Fairmont Hotels, and Travel Yukon. Most recently, he was named as one of Business in Vancouver's 40 Under 40.

He’s also the author of The Brief, a weekly digital strategy newsletter that recently won the Marketing News Canada Best Newsletter award and this year’s CSuite Award.

He believes that digital has changed the relationship between brands and customers, and has the opportunity to benefit every step of the customer journey, but technology is moving so quickly that many businesses are being left behind. His mission is to empower businesses to close that gap by simplifying the process, identifying what they are uniquely qualified to offer the world, then using the digital tools that are available to their advantage.

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