October 13, 2022

Simple Search Engine Techniques that Anyone Can Use

Digital Marketing and SEO in particular has grown in importance more than ever as the world is moving further into a digital landscape faster than ever.

This week an SEO expert will join us to shed some light on where we are as an industry with SEO, what's changed, and some simple practices that we can all apply to make sure that we're taking advantage of search engines like Google to allow our businesses to be digitally discovered.
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Lesson Content

Meet our guest speaker

Kavan Sohal
Head of SEO, Snaptech Marketing

Kavan is the Head of SEO at Snaptech Marketing, a fast growing Digital Marketing Agency. He has a deep understanding of various SEO concepts gained through his 7+ years of SEO experience working with clients through education seminars and hands on client work in various industries throughout North America. He is also one of eLearningU's coaches who works one on one with our enterprise clients to ensure they can increase their digital footprint and ultimately bring more exposure to their business.
Patrick Jones - Course author