October 20, 2022

Getting the Most from Google Ads

Every day millions of people are searching for travel and tourism-related terms, Google Ads are the way that businesses can appear to the right people at the right time.

In this session, a Google Ads expert breaks down how tourism marketers can get started, how they can set up effective campaigns, and tactics that smart marketers are using to make the most of their budgets, no matter what the size.
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Lesson Content

Meet our guest speaker

Jyll Saskin Gales
Marketing Coach

Jyll is a marketing coach, consultant, and trainer. She advises business owners across industries and sizes, helping them get the best ROI from their marketing.

Jyll teaches at Google for Startups, Camp Tech, Jelly Academy, Elevate, boutique agencies, Fortune 100 companies, and her own Learn with Jyll platform. She is TikTok's resident @the_google_pro with more than 50,000 followers tuning in for her bite-sized, actionable marketing tips. She previously worked at Google for 6 years and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Patrick Jones - Course author