January 12, 2023

What is Experiential Tourism and How Does it Relate to Digital?

Tourism is about so much more than the products and services that people purchase — it is the stories, the culture, and the experiences that people have when they travel. Learn from an award-winning experiential tourism consultant about the power to tell stories that matter, and how digital and social media don’t just support, but play a key role in those experiences.
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Lesson Overview

Learn how experiential marketing can highlight the stories of historically underserved people regenerative tourism, and why this matters for the future of tourism

 What you'll learn

  • Experiential Tourism and how digital can/should play a key role
  • Storytelling through digital content
  • The power of TikTok and Instagram

 Created for:

  • Tourism marketers
  • Senior leaders
  • Cultural, tour, and museum leaders
  • Executives
  • Social media content creators

Lesson Content

Meet Our guest Speaker

Kyra Cole
CEO, KLB Consulting

Kyra is a serial entrepreneur, advocate, and a wellspring of creativity.

Named one of EDCOs 2021 Top 10 Economic Development Professionals & Business Elite’s 2023 Top 40 Under 40, Kyra is an Ontario-based economic development & tourism leader with a reputation as the go-to resource for grant writing, experiential tourism development, and community economic development. Kyra is the CEO of KLB Consulting, a firm that works with First Nation Communities, municipalities, and global businesses. 
Kyra’s passion to create a more equitable economic landscape in Canada is born from a decade of municipal and Indigenous economic development work. She believes that the path towards an equitable economic landscape must be centred around regenerative practices, starting with a commitment to elevating the voices and businesses of marginalized communities.
Patrick Jones - Course author