July 28, 2022

Employee Engagement in a Digital World

As the world and the tools we use evolve, the way we recruit and engage with candidates and existing team members will also need to change. This lesson provides tips and techniques on how to enhance your employer brand and how to leverage digital tools through the candidate and employee journey.
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Lesson Content

Meet our guest speaker

Matt Corker (He/Him)
Chief Operating Officer, Smash + Tess

Matt is an impact-oriented executive with a track record of transforming business operations and people. He was the CEO of a people consultancy that helped organizations recruit, develop, and retain top talent and has also held various leadership roles in organizations facing different crises - from product quality concerns, to navigating the impact of declining sales, to managing and retaining frontline workers during a global pandemic. Matt excels in uncharted environments that require simplicity, courage, and a fresh approach.

He holds an MBA from the Copenhagen Business School, is a dynamic coach, and is a two-time lip sync battle champion.
Patrick Jones - Course author