April 20, 2023

Creating Events and Experiences that Inspire Travelers

Learn how one yoga teacher has partnered with resorts, local service providers, and destinations to create remarkable experiences that sell out in a matter of hours.

You’ll hear how she builds interest, makes announcements, tells the story through social media, and how she keeps building her community, even during off-seasons. She also shares advice for accommodators looking to attract retreats and other events, and how brands can co-create content with their events.
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Lesson Overview

Learn about building, promoting, and driving sales for events and retreats

 What you'll learn

  • How to attract high quality facilitators and event planners
  • Collaborating to create high quality social content
  • Building your launch and promotional plan
  • How to keep your audience engaged between events and seasons

 Created for:

  • Event planners
  • Social media managers
  • Hotel managers
  • Content creators
  • Destination marketers

Lesson Content

Meet Our guest Speaker

Alex Mazerolle
Yoga Teacher, Author, and Founder of Girlvana & Ladyvana Retreats

Alex is a yoga teacher, author, entrepreneur, and founding teacher at Open, a yoga and meditation app based in California.

She’s the founder of Girlvana Yoga, which offers retreats, classes, and workshops for teen girls through mentorship, meditation, and yoga. Girlvana has grown into a global movement with over 100 teachers worldwide, 15 retreats, and a published book with Penguin Random House titled, Girlvana. Ally also leads Ladyvana, the grown-up version for women to explore themselves through yoga, nature, and raw conversation.

She was a Global Yoga Ambassador for lululemon and has taught & facilitated for The Mirror; Vancouver Canucks; LA Dodgers; New York Knicks; Wanderlust Festival in Canada, USA, and Japan; Vice; Do Lectures, and many more. You can find her popular yoga classes on YouTube with over 6 million total views.

Most recently, she’s been working on hosting two events: One, a yoga retreat in Tuscany this June, and a yoga teacher training in Panama this Fall. Both events have been incredibly popular, so we’ve asked her to join us to share her experience hosting events, telling stories that attract people to book, and what advice she has for destinations or accommodators looking to partner with event hosts like her.
Patrick Jones - Course author