May 5, 2022

Building a Stronger Tourism Brand

Every business has to make hundreds of design decisions – from our logos to our lobbies and our websites to our campsites, but not many of us are designers by trade.

Learn about what makes great design, how each touchpoint can contribute to create a better overall guest experience, and simple ways that we can apply design thinking to everyday decisions.
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Lesson Content

Meet our guest speaker

René Thomas
Partner + Executive Creative Director, Massive Media

René is a Partner and Executive Creative Director at Massive, a Vancouver-based branding and experience design agency serving ambitious organizations at the confluence of impact and culture. Massive has earned its stripes empowering progressive organizations to build courageous, value-centred, holistic brand presences that spur action and spark transformative conversations.

From international brands like Sodexo and JLL to local trailblazers like CBC, Queen’s University, and the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, Massive’s iterative approach empowers organizations to lean into their “Why,” harness their edge, and level up the experiences they deliver to their audiences
Patrick Jones - Course author