September 29, 2022

Content, Collaboration & Conversions: Building a Digital Lifestyle Brand

Prioritization is the hardest part of being a tourism marketer today. No organization has the time, budget or resources to take on every channel and opportunity that’s out there, so how do the best identify what’s actually going to drive sales?

In this conversation, we learn from a marketer who has worked at every scale, from global to local, and hear about what she puts at the top of her list, what actually drives results and how even small companies can execute tactics that will move their business in the right direction.

We also talk about brand collaborations and how small tourism brands can get big results by working with lifestyle and apparel brands, getting access to world class audiences, athletes and content along the way.
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Lesson Content

Meet our guest speaker

Megan Porteous
Head of Digital, Carve Designs

I love the sports and outdoor industry - we are in the business of helping people get the most enjoyment out of their time outside. Due to its dynamic nature, my career in marketing is never boring and I feel fortunate to work/have worked for brands I'm genuinely passionate about.

I've previously worked at Oakley, Digital Royalty, Designer Protein, REI, Salomon and Reef before joining the Carve team.

Aside from my roles, here are five things that make for a slightly more interesting overview:

1. I'm always one workout away from a good mood - that might mean a three hour bike ride on the weekend or a 20 minute walk during lunch.

2. Checking my collaborative playlists on Spotify that I keep with friends and family is a highlight of my day.

3. I am very proud of my half-Canadian-by-marriage roots. One day, I plan to road trip through British Columbia and Alberta with a pit stop in Jasper National Park to visit our black lab's namesake.

4. At Santa Clara University, my team and I made it to the D1 NCAA Final Four, the only unranked team to ever make it so far in the tournament. Since graduating college and hanging up my indoor volleyball shoes, I've run 12 half marathons, two 70.3 Half Ironmans, and one full distance Ironman (Whistler, 2017).

5. I love taking photos - mostly on my iPhone but also on my GoPro when things get extreme! Check them out on Instagram below.
Patrick Jones - Course author